"Clean up and get PAID ....
...let Norstar help collect
your metals effortlessly."

Site Property Services | Scrap Metal

Norstar Steel Recyclers have the capacity to deal with the logistics that make collecting metals anywhere in Victoria almost effortless.

With our extensive range of mobile plant and equipment which includes balers, car compactors, mobile shears, magnets or grabs, Norstar Steel Recyclers is always ready to clear properties across the state and beyond.

By baling or compacting your scrap metals, Norstar can load up to four times as much onto a truck thus reducing the on road costs and therefore putting even more money back in your pocket.

We also have teams of onsite Oxy Cutters ready to reduce and recycle.

Norstar Steel Recyclers also has numerous alliances with teams of experienced and licensed contractors to aid in the safe and efficient removal of most scrap metals from established sites. This includes all types of vehicles including crane trucks, tilt trays, low loaders, semi trailers, semi tippers and bin trucks along with a fleet of smaller vehicles.


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