Recycling Made Easy: Free Scrap Metal Pick-Up Services in Melbourne

collecting scrap metal during a pick-up service in Melbourne
Loading scrap metal into a truck Crane grabber loading metal rusty scrap in the dock A grapple truck loads scrap industrial metal for recycling

As of 2021, Victorians dutifully place two-thirds of ‘recyclables’ in their recycling bins. We’re a city that appreciates sustainable solutions in waste management – a priority for residents and businesses.

What about recycling that last third? 

Obstacles can prevent us from recycling, whether it’s a misunderstanding about what can or cannot be recycled, available recycling solutions, or access to those solutions. 

Most of us know how to recycle drink cans, beer bottles and batteries, but what about scrap metal? Sometimes, that’s a bit more complicated. Your home and business can accrue bits and pieces of metal over time. The odd-removed screw, and misshapen piece of a desk, etc. Not to mention (if you have a business) larger pieces of equipment, structural beams, and the list goes on.  

In Victoria, it’s illegal to dump scrap metal in your bins. It should be recycled. If you’re unsure how, where, or when you will be able to recycle your scrap metal, the best solution could be for a recycling facility to collect it for you. 

So, let’s go into that – we’ll explain what’s involved. 

What is a Pickup service for Scrap Metal?

A pick-up service for scrap metal is a convenient and eco-friendly solution offered by recycling centres like ours. It helps dispose of your unwanted scrap metal recyclables. Our service is designed to make recycling as effortless as possible. When you schedule a pick-up, our team comes to your location to collect the scrap metal, saving you the time and effort of transporting it to a recycling facility.

This service is particularly beneficial for those with large, bulky, or heavy metal items that are difficult to move, such as old appliances, machinery, or construction debris. By using our pick-up service, you’re not only making the recycling process easier for yourself but also ensuring the scrap is recycled, conserving natural resources and reducing carbon emissions.

Our recycling centre is committed to promoting sustainable practices, and our free scrap metal pick-up service is one way we support the community in achieving this goal. 

By choosing to recycle your scrap metal with us, you’re contributing to a healthier planet and a more sustainable future.

Next up: who is eligible for this service?

Who is eligible to use our free pick-up scrap Metal?

Homes and businesses. Essentially everyone. 

“We are constantly sourcing material from industrial, commercial, and domestic sites across Victoria and interstate.” (source)

What metal is eligible for our free scrap-metal pick-up service?

We accept all recyclable scrap metal. Ferrous and Non-ferrous. Some examples of recyclable scrap we collect:

  • Aluminium cans, cuttings, cast, extrusion, wheels
  • Batterie, Brass, 
  • Copper, Gunmetal, motors,
  • Lead, Steel, Zinc
  • Car bodies, heavy and light gauge steel, cast iron
  • Turnings, manganese 
  • And more

We cannot collect:

Soils Timber Asbestos LPG Tanks Refrigerant Gases
Glass Poisons Corrosives Liquid Waste Hazardous Materials
Tyres Rubbish Explosives Green Waste Radioactive materials
Concrete Gas Bottles Accumulators Anything non-metallic
Pressure Vessels
Flammable Liquids
Loading scrap metal into a truck Crane grabber loading metal rusty scrap in the dock A grapple truck loads scrap industrial metal for recycling

Is there a minimum amount of scrap metal required for free pick-up?

There is. Conditions apply.

The best thing to do is get in touch, and we can talk through how much scrap metal you have and if we can provide the free scrap metal pick-up service to your Melbourne property. 

How to take advantage of the free scrap-metal pick-up service in Melbourne

Give us a call, and we can confirm if you’re eligible for the free service and/or offer a solution if you’re not. 

If you have any questions about the services we offer or think Norstar sounds right for you, contact our qualified team by using our form or call us at 1800 472 727.

Written by businessassist