In compliance with the Department of Health and Human Resources Victoria, Norstar is back in full operation with a COVID-19 safe plan (available upon request)

“We like the idea of going home to our kids”

The safety of our employees, contractors and visitors is our first priority.  Norstar Steel Recyclers maintains a robust Safety & Environment Management System structured to conform to AS 4801. This system strives to provide a safe and environmentally responsible workplace for all stakeholders associated with our operations, both on our premisis and our operations off-site.

We expect all employees, contractors, visitors and clients to adhere to our safety standards.

Norstar Steel Recyclers have also developed an OHS&E Management Manual as an integral element of our Safety and Environment Management System. This manual is  reviewed annually to maintain relevance to our business and ensure our continued successful operation.

Our success is based on a commitment to a safe and environmentally responsible workplace.

The Safety & Environmental Management Manual reflects the company’s commitment to ensure work activities do not result in damage to the environment. The Manual outlines the procedures established to protect the environment during the life of any contract.

All client safety & environmental policies and procedures shall also be strictly adhered to;

  • To prevent harmful emissions to air, soil, surface water and ground water that could damage the environment.
  • To ensure local environmental permit requirements are understood and complied with.
  • To ensure responsible management of waste.
  • To ensure all managers, supervisors, employees, contractors and sub-contractors involved in the contract understand their responsibilities with respect to applicable environmental management requirements.
  • Maintain safe work practices

Norstar Steel Recyclers is committed to providing a safe and environmentally responsible workplace and proudly demonstrates that commitment by prominently displaying the Norstar Steel Recyclers “Safety & Environment Policy”, as well as publishing it for internal and external access. This Policy is appropriate to the nature and scale of our business, is reviewed annually and can therefore adapt to changing circumstances and conditions.

Fittingly registered in our Document Control System as Number “0001”, this policy is clear in its intent that the Company believes all accidents are preventable.




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