What we sell

“Norstar Steel Recyclers has been exporting scrap metals worldwide for over 35 years.”

In 1997, Norstar established Nortrade International as part of its commitment to expand globally in a world that requires business to “act local but think global”.

Norstar Steel Recyclers is a scrap metal business and has been exporting scrap metals all around the world for over 35 years.  Norstar Steel Recyclers also have the scope to load ferrous and non ferrous materials into containers from any of our sites.

Norstar Steel Recyclers have numerous end products to offer the market; these include assorted lines of non ferrous products consisting of;

  • Mixed Metal Scrap (Aluminium, Copper, Zinc)
  • Shredded Stainless Steel
  • Hand picked non ferrous arisings

Norstar Steel Recyclers also have numerous ferrous lines to offer to the market; these include products from the shredding and shearing processes;

  • Ferrous Shred
  • Premium Grade Shred
  • HMS (Heavy Melting Steel) Bonus Grade
  • HMS (Heavy Melting Steel) 1/2
  • Processed Cast Iron
  • Manganese Scrap
  • Steel Turnings

For more information please contact www.nortrade.com.au.

*All refrigeration units must be gas free

Serving Australia since 1947

Redi-Rock Victoria is a division of the Norstar Steel Recycling company, the largest independent steel recycling company in Australia. Founded in 1947 by Ray Sailah the business has been serving the community, recycling materials and exporting around the world for decades.

As we are co located on the same huge Laverton site as our parent company we are able to minimise the sourcing and transportation of raw material to our concrete plant, reducing mining and transportation costs and helping to further reduce our environmental impact as well as creating efficiencies in our supply chain which we can then use to ensure our prices are competitive for our customers.




191-205 Dohertys Rd | Laverton North | Vic 3026