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Recycling Made Easy: Free Scrap Metal Pick-Up Services in Melbourne

As of 2021, Victorians dutifully place two-thirds of ‘recyclables’ in their recycling bins. We’re a city that appreciates sustainable solutions in waste management – a priority for residents and businesses. What about recycling that last third?  Obstacles can prevent us from recycling, whether it’s a misunderstanding about what can or cannot be recycled, available recycling […]

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The Benefits of Battery Recycling

Batteries have become ubiquitous, powering everything from everyday gadgets to essential medical devices, and electric vehicles. Surging growth in battery usage, and demand globally, has led to a significant increase in battery waste, presenting both a challenge for Victorians and the environment. “The global market for lithium batteries reached nearly 250 GWh in 2020 and […]

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Interesting Facts About Metal Recycling

Although we’re passionate about metal recycling, we appreciate you might not be smelting with excitement. Get it? We wanted to add some brevity to the fun world of metal recycling and introduce you to some interesting metal recycling facts. Share with your family and friends or keep these little nuggets to yourself for icebreakers at […]

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How Scrap Metal Gets Reused

We have a great blog post all about the environmental benefits of metal recycling, here. So, if you’re looking for information on which metals are recyclable and how it’s better for the environment, then head on over there, have a quick read through and then come back. Here, we’re going to focus on how metal […]

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Scrap Metal Recycling and Sustainability

2023 has been a tough year for energy prices, interest rates, mortgage repayments, and food prices, but did you know we also had a steel shortage? Steel manufacturing plants were closed through parts of 2020 due to Covid. Yet this metal is one of the most popular across numerous industries. And with a shortage and […]

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The Environmental Benefits of Metal Recycling

We love metal. Not just at Norstar; but humans, as a species – we love metal. Anthropologically, we have been utilising metal since around 5,000BC – starting with copper. Metal is versatile, tough and multi-functional. But, one of the best benefits of metal is that most of it’s recyclable. So, if it’s not suitable for […]

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Can You Recycle Steel?

Let’s take a fun dive into the wonderful world of recycling steel. Since the late 1800s, the construction industry has used steel for the frames of buildings. Where previously, construction may have used iron, steel quickly supplanted it as a more versatile design material that’s less susceptible to degradation. Steel is used to build modern […]

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